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Nelson Physics 12 College Prep Text and all Handout Solutions available from here.

Unit outlines & Unit Specific Links
Here you will find an approximate outline of the material we will be covering for each unit.  Use this information to read ahead or catch up if you are away.

Introduction (15 pages)
Motion  (42 pages)
Forces  (34 pages)  Forces Homework sheet
Mechanical Systems  PP 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
Energy (14 pages)  
Electricity (26 pages)   

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SPH4C - Grade 12 Physics - Links

Check below for some general and some Unit Specific Sites

Explorelearning has science Gizmos that are designed very well.  Use the code given to you in class for your section and register.  Need help registering?  Remember to check out the exploration guide for each Gizmo.  These must be completed by the end of each unit.

Quizme BC - this site can provide you with random quizzes to see if you are doing ok.  Choose your course and unit, then try some questions.

Hyperphysics has a clickable 'mind-map' of all topics physics that you can use to find additional info on any topic that you need some extra help with. 

 The Physics Classroom is an amazing resource that has tutorials and good clear explanations.  Click on the Tutorials or the Multimedia Studio and you will find good clear info on all of our topics. 

St. Mary's Physics is a school in the states with some good information.  Check out the videos and animation links at the top of their page.  You will find some stuff for everything we do.

 Mr. Clintberg's StudyPhysics! has notes and other multimedia information.  Filter through it and you will find some good notes to suppliment our class notes.

 Java applets on Physics contains many useful applets.  Check them out

Howstuffworks has tons of information.  The image is linked to their videos.  Go in and search the video database for any topic related to what we are doing at the time.  You are sure to find a great explanation of the topic.

If you find an excellent one, let me know and I will create a link to it directly.



 SPH4C Unit Specific Links

Check below for some specific links that I have found for each unit.  If you find something that you think would be useful for your classmates, let me know and I will add it to our resources.


Graphing Review Problems and solutions

Uniform Motion Review Problems and solutions

2D Uniform Motion Review Problems and solutions

The Moving Man     Use this to compare graphs of motion to the man moving on the screen

The Moving Cow     You might like this cow moving as well.  There are some problems with a vi that is negative.

d vs. t Graphs quiz       Do this quiz to practice your knowledge of graphs!    Q#7 is not right! (Ignore it)      

v vs. t Graphs quiz       Do this one as well to make sure you understand graphs!

1D Graphs                  Interactively create and interpret position, velocity and acceleration graphs

Graph Sketching and Recognition.  From the 'Physics Classroom'.  An absolute 'must do' to help with understanding graphs.

Feather Drop Video.  

Vector Addition 

Play the Vector Game!

Vector Addition

Subtracting Two Vectors - It is just the addition of the negative.

Projectile Motion Simulation - PHET

Forces in 1 Dimension  

Newtons, Forces and Weight Quiz    

Force and Motion Test       

Forces and Motion Quiz    

Motion and Energy Jeopardy     



Can you 'Recognize the Forces'?  From the 'Physics classroom.  This activity has you determine if a Force is present or absent.

Dynamics and Force   Try these interactive problems that cover everything from Newtons Laws to Force Diagrams

Free Body Diagrams        Can you Identify the forces

Atwood's Machine Lab - here is the Excel file to check all your calculations from the lab.

Newton's Law video - uses Newtons laws to explain the motion of two side by side blocks being pushed. (requires QuickTime)

Newton's 1st Law video - An explanation using a block held by two ropes (requires QuickTime)

Newton's 3rd law video - the falling apple (requires QuickTime)

An object pulled at an angle above the horizontal.  Video explanation with a FBD. (requires QuickTime)

An object pushed at an angle below the horizontal.  Video explanation with a FBD. (requires QuickTime)

Attwood's machine video.  Broken down explanation with FBDs. (requires Quicktime)

Work, Energy and Momentum:   

Work Energy Theorem. - From Hippo-campus   

Kinetic, Potential Energy and the Conservation of Energy - From Hippo-campus

Energy Skate Park    

Elastic and Inelastic Collisions      This allows you to see the effects of momentum and Ek during collisions.

Impluse explained video. (requires QuickTime)

Impulse and Momentum - From Hippo-campus

Do the 'AstroPitch'.  Remember to do the quiz after you play.

Conservation of Linear Momentum and Collisions - From Hippo-campus

Conservation of Momentum in 2-D video.  (requires QuickTime)

Inelastic collision and the conservation of Momentum video.  (requires Quicktime)


Circular Motion and Gravity:

The Best Circular Motion Video Ever!!

Uniform Circular Motion - From HippoCampus

Why doesn't the moon fall down.  A little video from PI.

Newton's Cannon 

Circular motion and the direction of acceleration video. (requires QuickTime)

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation - From Hippo-campus

Artificial Gravity.  Watch this video clip.

Exodus Earth.  Simulating Gravity.

Escape speed video.  (requires QuickTime)

Orbits of Planets and Satellites - From Hippo-campus

Circular, Satellite and Rotational Motions.  As explained from the Physics Classroom.  There are some good animations that may help.