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Check out the links below to find lots of information to help you succeed in Grade 9 Applied Science this year.

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Kami,  Paint tool


If you missed something in class or didn't finish, this is the place to get what you need.

Link to the Daily Log

Chemistry Links


WHIMIS Symbols Flashcards with pictures

WHIMIS Symbols - Interactive site with symbols

WHIMIS Video - youtube.(3 min)

Making WHIMIS work video (14 min)

Physical Properties    Use this studystack to help you learn the terms for your quiz

Chemical and Physical Change Quiz

Different Games for Chemical and Physical Change

Physical or Chemical Change Quiz 

Chemistry Comes Alive Videos.  Some Great Demos

Chemical or Physical Change.  A Flash lesson

Changes of State Quiz  

How Fireworks are Made  (youtube).

KMT Shockwave lesson

Elements, Compounds or Mixtures.  Use these flashcards with pictures to help you Identify the differences between these.

Elements, Compounds or Mixtures.  This gives you games to help you study.

Elements Compounds and Mixtures    

Elements, Mixtures and Compounds (Matching)  

Quiz yourself on the 30 Elements you need to know!

More Games for the 30 Elements you need to know

Metals vs. Non-Metals 

The disposal of Sodium. 

Brainiacs look at Alkali Metals

Quiz yourself on subatomic particles  - protons, neutrons, electrons, location, charge and mass

Nuclear.  An app for your ipod that lets you build atoms with the correct # of protons, neutrons and electrons

Build an atom.  From PHET

Building Simple Molecules - Using Combining Capacity to name and write formulas

Matter Vocabulary review        

Check out this Prezi on the Periodic Table and its arrangement     

The Best Online Periodic Table that I could find  

Atoms and Periodic Table Review       


Hangman Matter Terms                    


Classification of Matter PowerPoint    


Welcome to Matter - Tech topics does a great job explaining some of the matter concepts covered.






Electricity Links


Balloons and Static Electricity

John Travoltage

Charged Rod and a Pith Ball Demonstration

Static Electricity Terms that you should know

Static Electricity from S-Cool.  Great Animations and explanations of Static Laws and Pith balls.

Static Electricity Starts a Fire  

How a Van de Graff Works.

Mythbusters Build a Van de Graff.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be hit by lightning while in a car?  Watch this and find out. (from 'Top Gear')


Conductors or Insulators - The Trash Bin Game

Conductors or Insulators  

Static Electricity Powerpoint review. 

Schematic Circuit Symbols Quiz    This one has diagrams.

Parts of a Circuit that you need to know     

Series and Parallel Circuits Video - From HowStuff Works

The Brainiacs and the Electric Fence.  Hilarious video.

What is a Circuit?  A great review of Series and Parallel Circuits

Electricity Vocabulary   

Electric Charge Hangman    

Electricity Quiz    

The Ohm Zone    and   Ohm Zone Worksheet   and Equivalent Resistance

The Circuit construction kit and handouts

PHET HTML5 Circuit construction and Handouts.  

Simbucket Circuit Analysis (HTML5).  Handout.  

Comparing a DC Circuit to the Flow of Water.

Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits  

Series and Parallel Circuits Animation video. (8 min)

Ohm's Law - Worksheet - Solutions

Electrictiy Terms Review         

40 Terms to review on Static and Current Electricity  

Electricity in Ontario.  Look at this file if you don't get your assignment done in class.

How do we produce Electricity - This is your assignment for the unit



 Notes - Space 

If you missed something in class or didn't finish, this is the place to get what you need.

Space Links

Space Jeopardy   

Planet Facts 

Try these Planet Info Questions 

So, How Small are We?  (youtube)

Retrograde Motion Applet

Another Retrograde Motion Animation

Nova Science Now videos.  Asteroid (12 min)      The 10th Planet (5 min) 

The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas.  Youtube video..

What is a Galaxy?

Lunar and Solar Eclipse Applets

Moving Targets - Check out this interactive site about Red-Shift

Evidence for the Big Bang  

Cool Cosmos and RedShift 

Wikipedia RedShift  

How Stuff Works Planet Videos - Space School - Pick a planet and watch a video

Origins of the Solar System - video from PBS

Solar Nebula Theory  

The Birth of the SolarSystem - video

Stephen Hawking explains the formation of the Solar System.

The Most Astounding Fact as described by Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Mysterious Black Hole Activity.  HandoutWebsite link.

The Scale of the Universe - this is an awesome site that lets you zoom in to small and out to big



 Notes - Ecology

If you missed something in class or didn't finish, this is the place to get what you need.

Exam review

Chemistry     Answers

Electricity      Answers

Space           Answers

Ecology        Answers 

Exam Approximate Mark Breakdown.


Scale Model of the Solar System

 Notes - Chemistry 

If you missed something in class or didn't finish, this is the place to get what you need.